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5 down! Keep up the pace!

Krinard Oh my god, I didn't notice it the first time looking.

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It is zee pic! Good work folks!

Mythic Kormrok Swatted!

Krinard posted Oct 20, 15

We made quick work of Kormrok the next night, time for Council!

Lennis Damn 2 without me :(
Fleas a Good job folks!

Mythic Reaver Pounded!!

Krinard posted Oct 20, 15

Mythic Reaver was defeated last tuesday..."Rawr"

Bacon is the ultimate motivator. Bacon comes to raid, bosses die. Good job all on finally downing this pest. Let's get back on the Mythic train now!

Realm Rank 12
Region Rank 764
World Rank 2762