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Mythic Flamebender Quenched

Fleas a posted May 14, 15

Halfway there folks. Good work! Big thanks to Sonyn as always for his contribution. Let's keep this momentum going. Kromog up next!

Sonyn Wow you made quick work of that. Nice Job!
Krinard Looks like that onion is about to get deep fried.
Stalyx Good Work Guys!

Ever been to an all you can eat buffet and go back for that one last plate? Oregorger should have called it quits at 90 ore and gone home. Great job all this week! Two nights, two kills. Flamebender up next, let's keep this train cruising along.

Myapologies D-D-D-DOUBLE KILL!
Nuzzles I'm so glad Fleas got me in the middle of swap-blasting Sonyn
Sonyn Reminds me of the Mandarin!! (Think only the Canadian boys will get this)

Gruul Smashed

Fleas a posted May 1, 15

After a few short hours this once mighty gronn crumpled at Immo's feet earlier this week. Good job all!

Myapologies Woot woot, congratz guys. I don't know who anybody is anymore with the name changes
Fleas a Now returning to your scheduled kill shot picture.
Lennis I broke stuff

Hans and Franz Terminated

Fleas a posted Apr 15, 15

Immo went full predator and erased these twins. Good job all on a solid finale to our time on Skullcrusher.

Sonyn HAHAHA! Touché!

Finished off Darmac on March 31st but I'm bad at remembering to post screenshots. I'd say he's mastered "Play Dead" at this point.

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